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Sleepy Ski Towns

November 18, 2011

Sorry for the delay in this post…

A couple of weeks ago two friends and I took a road trip to a little town called Telluride, Colorado. We piled all of our snow gear and sweats (this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend) into my friend’s newly snow-tired Jetta, stacked our driving snacks in the back seat and set out on our way.

The drive was long but not boring..filled with everything from NPR podcasts (yes dad, even Car Talk) to Britney Spears jam sessions. We drove for a few hours through the mountains and resorts on I-70 before going through Grand Junction and a little bit of flat. Then we started re-entering the mountains right around sunset. It was awesome, as you can see to the left.

Our weekend was spent in a sleepy ski town in the off-season, and it reminded me so much of home. Except for the giant mountains
surrounding the town on all sides of course. But the people were friendly, and they came to the local coffee shop (The Steaming Bean!) in their sweats and snowboots, unconcerned with whether the others would approve of their getup. They gathered in the local bar to watch football at night, yelling at the television and enjoying beer and wings with other locals. The waitstaff was less concerned with waiting on people and more concerned with spending time with them.. but it didn’t seem rude, just appropriate. the magic of a small town.

Since most of the touristy spots and activities were shut down in preparation for the season opener, we were able to enjoy mainly just the local shops. The owners were friendly and chatting with those they knew who came in and out of their stores, updating one another on news and gossip from the town. Their shops had character and were filled to the brim with interesting and unique pieces (although most were well out of my price range). 

It reminded me of how silly I am sometimes, so concerned with having the right things and looking the right way. The longer I spend
living surrounded by society and all of its expectations, the more I forget these small towns where people live to enjoy their lives. They spend their money on good food and making memories instead of name brand clothes and top-end accessories. But the beauty they might not be draping on their bodies is made up and then some in the sparkle in their eyes and the brightness of their smiles. It was so good to be reminded of the beauty in a simple life. One concerned with joy from within, not approval from without. I need to remember to retreat to the mountains, to nature, to the small town every once in a while…just in case I start to forget again.

We live our lives so aware of the judgment of people around us.. because lets be honest, it’s there. and people look down on those who don’t look, act, or believe the same things that they do. We long to be better than those around us, in whatever way we think we can be. whether we’re trying to be a better Christian, a better friend, a better dresser, have better hair and makeup, or attempting to appear perfect in all of these things at once, it’s exhausting. The truth is that we are already loved. We are already treasured, and our hearts are claimed by our King. We cannot hope to impress Him with any of these things, and at the end of the day…He’s going to be the only one left to judge us anyway. So let’s take a minute or two to embrace that love, and to live out our lives in appreciation of it. Let’s be less concerned with how put together we might look on the outside and more concerned with the state of our insides. Lets love our lives more than our bodies. Let’s love the time we’re given to enjoy His love in this world.
“The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7
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